The Chairman

The Chairman

Zainul Abdeen Marikar Mohamed Refai, a man of humble beginnings, laid the foundation for what today is perceived as a market giant.
The year 1976 saw Mr. Refai set up his small business named Zam Gems, with nothing but firm conviction and an ability to deliver. As a proactive man, he saw the entire operation, from procuring rough stones to manufacturing & marketing polished stones and jewellery.

Chairman's Message

Dear friends,

It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you ZAM GEMS, a leading name amongst gem and jewellery manufacturers. Although marketing gems is our trade, the best of our gems are not for sale. Here, of course I refer to our true gems – our employees.

Our efficient marketing team works continuously to cater to the demands of individual customers. The quality control department ensures that our polished meet the highest standards. We, at ZAM GEMS, are a proud family of dedicated individuals who have worked very hard towards the world-class reputation that we enjoy today.

It is no surprise then that our gem & jewellery are in great demand. However the sparkle in each stone & jewellery reflects the brilliance and precision of our skilled artisans. Our highly qualified and perfectionist workforce, and efficient Research and Development team are the reason behind the success of ZAM GEMS today.

All praise and thanks to Allah for his blessings.
Yours in all sincerity,
Zainul Abdeen Marikar Mohamed Refai
Chairman – ZAM GEMS (PVT) LTD.