Engineer A.G.A.Barrie, B.Sc(Eng), P.Eng.

25th December 2009



Maligahena Muslim Mahavidyalaya started almost one hundred years ago as a Madarassa by Shekh Mubarakh Alaim of Bukhary Thakya and was taken over by the Government in 1925 as Al-Ameen School,with limited students. Today it has over seven hundred students with about thirty teachers having classes from grade one to GCE(A) level. When this school was visited by two of his old students, namely Al Hadj ZAM Refai and Engineer AGA Barrie, in the year 2004, it was found to be in a very deteriorated conditions with respect to all facilities.

Reviewing the proposal by ZAM Refai and AGA Barrie, to improve the facilities in the school.

The Principal and the School Developing Society updated the visitors with all the drawbacks and promised that if the facilities are improved they could produce results. Based on this discussion a Master plan to develop the school in stages, were drawn up. Accordingly Refai Hadjiar purchased the adjoining land and constructed the three storey building to house fifteen class rooms and a hall to house science and Computer classes, including a part of the proposed play ground.

Now we are into the second stage of the development which requires demolition of some old depilated buildings to build another three storey buildings to house another fifteen class rooms. On completion of this building the small scattered depilated buildings to be demolished to make room for a good size play ground.

Al Hadj ZAM Refai has agreed to construct all buildings according to the Government requirements and has undertaken to donate all completed facilities, in memory of his late father Zanul Abdeen Marikar, to Maligahena Muslim Mahavidyalaya without claiming any compensation


  1. BUILDING # 1 BUILT IN 1930 SIZE 22.48 m X 7.55 m
  2. BUILDING # 2 BUILT IN 1930 SIZE18.64.m X 6.48 m
  3. BUILDING # 3 BUILT IN 1940 SIZE 18.68 m x .6.50 m
  4. BUILDING # 4 LIBRARY BUILT IN 1960 SIZE 12.74 m X 7.79 m
  5. BUILDING # 5 BUILT IN 1980 SIZE 30.75 m X 6.50 m
  6. BUILDING # 6 OFFICE & CLASS ROOM BUILT IN 1980 SIZE 30.88 m X 6.49 m
  7. BUILDING # 7 BUILT IN 1980 SIZE 21.23 m X 7.9 m
  8. BUILDING # 8 BUILT IN 1960 SIZE 18.63 m X 6.42 m
  9. BUILDING # 9 PRAYER ROOM BUILT IN 1960 SIZE 9.10 m X 4.78 m



This phase started in the year 2008 by purchasing the adjoining land at a cost of Rs 7,000,000.00 and construction started immediately. It was completed by December 2009 and the transfer of the property and vesting in the Government took place in February 2010.

Completed school building with part of the Playground

High lights of Phase One

Completed in 2010, shown in Red in Master Plan.

  • Purchase of adjoining land extent over ninety perches located towards the North boundary of the school property shown in red in the Master plan.
  • Designed and constructed three storey building
  • Well secured 15 class rooms with furniture
  • Hall to house science and computer classes
  • Prayer area and auditorium
  • Six toilets and ablution areas
  • Teachers and Vice Principal’s rooms
  • Roof level open air assembly area
  • Storage facilities
  • Part of the proposed play ground
  • Pavilion to seat about 200 spectators
  • Parking area for bicycles
  • Parapet walls and retaining walls


This phase consists of demolition of building # 8 which was built in 1960s is in an unsightly and poor condition state and construction of three storey building, at a cost of Rs 10,000,000.00 within a period of a year

The building # 8 and Prayer area to be demolished to make room to build the three storey building to house another fifteen class rooms.

The plan showing the location of the building to be demolished for the second phase development

High lights of Phase Three

  • Demolition of building marked # 8 and prayer hall shown in blue
  • To design and build three storey building instead to house eleven class rooms
  • Principal’s office



It is proposed to demolish the building #5 and replace with another three storey building. This is shown in Green in the Master Plan

The building # 5 built in 1960s to be demolished

High lights of Phase Three

  • Demolish building # 5
  • Design and build three storey building to house thirty 14 class rooms
  • The access to the playfield will be from the ground floor at the expense of one classroom
  • Computer classes to be relocated temporarily to demolish the building



Demolish all the remaining class rooms and construct a suitable size play ground. These remaining buildings were scattered and are fairly old. As we have provided sufficient class rooms and facilities, it is more beneficial for the students to have good size playgrounds.



On completion of all facilities the class rooms on the ground near Old Road will be relocated into proper school area on to the completed school buildings. The present building will be converted into Teachers Quarters and rooms for tuition classes, Insha Allah.



The school will be converted into a National School Insha Allah and will be made the best National School in the Island.



The schedule was drawn up based on the discussion that took place between Alhadj ZAM Refai and those who were involved in administrating the school as far back in 2004 and was blessed by then Chief Minister Reginald Cooray. Accordingly a Master plan was prepared and a schedule was drawn to achieve the goal by 2020.

Phase 1 to be completed by end of 2010 which has been achieved

Phase 2 to be completed by end of 2011 which requires permission to demolish the building # 8

Phase 3 to be completed by end of 2014 which requires permission to demolish building # 5

Phase 4 to be completed by end of 2018 which also requires permission to demolish remaining buildings.

Phase 5 to be completed by end of 2020 which requires permission to demolish remaining buildings and complete the play ground.

Final Phase to be achieved on completion of all phases and obtaining the National School status INSHA ALLAH


Once all the construction works as per the Master Plan are completed, the school will have sixty class rooms with all facilities and good size play ground in the year 2017. Insha Allah, including science stream (God willing) This will mean we will provide all facilities for to be qualified to become Natinal School. With the help 0f Allah and dedication by all concerned it will be best NATIONAL SCHOOL in the Island.